Thursday, January 28, 2010

365 cards, 3B's Challenge

This is a card i made for Challenge. The challenge is 3 B's: blue, Blooms, emBossing. The base is embossed on my cuttlebug, the blooms I made by hand, and the blue is in the base and pattern paper.

The cardstock and paper is Caboodle. The brad is CMTH sweetleaf. The ink colors are sorbet and Crystal Blue. The stamped words are SU (someone else stamped it for me).

If you would like to see my other 2 cards that i did for previous challenges, check out,


  1. Great take on the challenge, beautiful colors and I love that distressed look!

  2. it...great job!!! Great blooms!

  3. You are ROckin' these Challenges, girlie!!! So fun! Great job!